Our Physicians






Dr. Nishan Jayawardene MD

I graduated from the University of Toronto Medical School in 1998 and did my residency training in Family and Emergency Medicine at McMaster. I have been working in various emergency departments in the Niagara region. I am interested in technology and in developing software that helps to enhance the physician-patient interaction.






Dr. Greg Listoe MD

I graduated from the University of Western Ontario Medical School. I have practiced family and urgent care medicine for over 20  years in both the US and Canada, and have enjoyed seeing patients at the clinic on Lake Street since 2007. Besides acute care, I am interested in fitness, wellness and prevention.




Dr. Tom Mazzone MD

I trained at the University of Buffalo and have been a board certified emergency specialist since 1988. After running emergency departments in the US and Canada for 32 years I wanted a new challenge: to help patients lead active, healthy lives. Longevity is more than luck.